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  MFJ-949C Antenna Tuner
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Cushcraft 2M Beam - Restoration

MFJ-949C, Antenna Tuner - Restoration

Dr. Ace's 4:1 Balun



Restoration of MFJ-949C, Antenna Tuner, 10-160M, 300 watt
Under construction

Front Panel
Rear View

Interior View 1
Interior View 2

Blown-out Inductor Selector Switch, 1st Photo
Blown-out Inductor Selector Switch, 2nd Photo

Blown-out Resistor
Note the resistor pieces on each end of the mounted resistor.  The ends look like they were once joined.  If this is so, why would the original owner solder the old blown out resistor pieces in?  
The Bad Switched Removed
(below).  Note the damage to the old switch; missing piece, burn marks around the screw and post.  

The so-called "New-Switch" (above)
MFJ did disclose the switch had been previously soldered into another unit.  Obviously this is the case.  They insisted it was "new."   They charged a new price, $8.16.  They charged $8 for shipping.  Having no choice I bought the switch.